My name is Michael Kelly. I live in Greater Pittsburgh, PA, and work as a Senior Software Engineer (full-stack web developer, specializing in Java) at Proofpoint.


Graduate (2011-2014):
MS in Information Science, at the University of Pittsburgh. Projects
Undergraduate (2003-2008):
BS in Cognitive Science, at Carnegie Mellon University.

Work History

Senior Application Support Developer, Proofpoint (2020-Present)

Senior Software Engineer, DQE Communications (2020)
Web Application Developer (Software Engineer III), DQE Communications (2014-2020)
  • Maintained and modernized a Java based web application to manage network services for our customers.
  • Integrated with 3rd party network provisioning systems over CORBA and RESTful XML APIs
  • Integrated with 3rd party CRM systems over RESTful APIs
  • Improved the reliability of the system by adding automated testing, reproducable builds.
  • Mentored junior developers.
  • Coordinated efforts of multiple consultants.
  • Modernized server architecture, with an eye towards “Devops”.
  • Built a modern application development & deployment pipeline.
  • Assisted in the migration to, and integration with, a 3rd party IPAM and DNS solution.
  • Improved the availability of our primary application by adding redundancy at different tiers.
  • Built features based upon a message oriented middleware architecture.
Software Engineer II, PNC (2013-2014)
  • Using primarily Java, worked on projects related to
  • Worked to integrate vendor-designed websites with the Adobe CQ Web Content Management platform
  • Major Projects:
    • PNC Locator: maintenance and improvements to the ATM and Branch locator website and data loading process.
    • helped to launch a rebuilt version of the site on a new platform, working to improve the scalability of the application
Software Developer I/II, pair Networks (2008-2013)
  • Developed customer facing systems in perl
    • Front end development (including jQuery-driven AJAX UIs)
    • Back end development (account management services, software installation, etc)
  • Major Projects:
    • pairSIM (Software Installation Manager): a tool for “one click” installations of popular web applications (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, etc)
    • System Notification System: allowed customer to subscribe to notifications about outages for their individual servers, as well as larger-scale outages, via Email or RSS
    • Backups file browser: provided a tool for customers to browse “snapshots” of their files in time
Student for Gentoo Linux, Google Summer of Code (2006)
  • Worked on an addition to Gentoo’s package management software to improve management of users and groups for system packages (GLEP 27)
  • Gained experience drafting project proposals, and programming shell scripts


You can download my resume.